Aircraft in WWI

World War One, was a war in which many technologies were used; Tanks, machine guns, etc. But the one new technology that helped them a lot was the invention of the airplane. The first airplanes built, were “there’s no way you’ll fly on that” airplanes. If you see what they looked like, then you would obviously say the same thing. However as the year advanced they went from what is above, to more sophisticated, and complex airplanes such as the one below. Although these planes may seem “cheap”, they had the desire to keep moving forward, to keep researching and inventing new technologies that could be put into place with the aircraft. Now, the airplanes were invented long before WWI began. However, they made their first “public” appearance during that war. From then on, airplanes became the big thing. While early air spotters were unarmed, they soon began firing at each other with handheld weapons and even throwing spears. An arms race commenced, quickly leading to increasingly agile planes equipped with machine guns. A key innovation was the interrupter gear, a German invention that allowed a machine gun to be mounted behind the propeller so the pilot could fire directly ahead, along the plane’s flight path.


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