From WWI to WWII

From WWI to WWII there we many things that were gotten rid of, and of course, new things that were invented as well as updated. All of all of the changes that occurred, the one that go the most out of it, was the airplane.

In WW1 all the planes are biplanes- two wings one over the other in order to achieve the necessary rigidity of the structure. By WW2 most aircraft are monoplanes- the advances in construction make a single wing possible. This means the planes are faster

In WW1 plane engines managed 80- 120 HP. By WW2 engines of 750 HP were already moving out, 1000 HP was the norm and 1800 HP was quite common. Jet planes begin to appear. In practice it means plane speeds of 60-80 Km/H in ww1 and 700-800 Km/H or more in WW2.





Would you like to watch the film “The Pacific”? It’s more of a WWII movie, however, I think he use of new technologies such as the flame Throwers, tank, and of course airplanes is slpendid. It is rated R to almost an M due to the use of bad language and some nudity. Although this is “Bad” I will blur out those scenes in which private parts are to be shown. So, if you want to watch it, vote Yes below; if not, the vote No.


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